3 Generations of master builders

Combining wisdom and experience
with modern materials and know-how

Welcome to Crofix. Our family have been master builders since 1948. Much has changed, but the goals remain the same. From small domestic projects to complex public amenities, we build with pride and we build to last.


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Our History

My family have been builders in Portugal for generations. This is Grandfather Cro on site in the 1960s. One of my earliest memories was watching him cut stone with a mallet and chisel. “You’ve got to tell him where to break”, he told me. It was a lesson that’s very relevant today. For all our modern equipment, successful building still relies on understanding materials.

My dad was known as ‘Mr White Hat’. From 7 years old, he taught me construction. “Do things right…” he always said. “cut corners don’t make squares”. That philosophy is still at the heart of what we do today. A good job starts with the smallest details. 

I’ve been in the UK, since 1997. Builders here don’t always have the best reputation. But, I’ve found that if you deliver on your promises, you’ll do well. I set up Crofix in 2017. Still a family affair. We take on complete projects or find solutions for small problems. I know it’s a cliché, but really, no job is too big, or too small.

Our family tradition is in our logo. Grandfather Cro and Mr White Hat are both there, reminding us what we stand for. Our approach is the same as theirs. We ‘build to last’. It means being honest, realistic and clear about problems and solutions. We never cut corners and we won’t use cheap materials. Because we know that when you build cheap, you build twice.

However big or small, contact me, Angelo Cro, personally, to discuss your project.

What we can do

We are a general builder, qualified and experienced with most aspects of the building trade, from new build to refurbishment and conversion. We regularly tackle home extensions, loft conversions, metal fabrication, plumbing, and electrical installation and roofing.

We can turn our hands to tiny jobs like carpentry for home furnishing, or we can help you plan an entirely new building.

We’re a family business. (That’s my dad’s opposite.) So, we’re a tight team with many years of experience between us. We also have a range of technical experts and structural engineers to advise on more specialised projects.

Professional registrations

  • We are fully accredited gas-safe and electrical engineers. We are also fully insured for professional and public liability and adhere to strict health & safety guidelines on site.

Strategic Maintenance

  • We offer building managers a reliable strategic maintenance service, as well as emergency and ad hoc support. 

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